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Re: No show engineers, no internet.Rubbish company.Pulling my hair out.Advice needed.

Well, the farce continues 🙂

Into 6th week now, and still, no one knows what they are doing lol.

On phone today, again, and speaking with BT person, they again called Openclueless.  While on phone, the BT person relayed a question they asked, on other phone, to me.  They want to know, when we completed the external work? lol!??!  What?!

Eventually, after 30 mins on hold, they found out it had been completed, but the engineer had not 'signed off' on it, so this is the delay.  I know more than these 2 companies together!, in fact, I've probably forgotten more than they will ever know, bearing in mind, that neither of them have informed, nor kept me up to date, with anything.  I only found out, because I poked my own nose in during installation.  Had I not been there to do so, then that would make 3 parties none the wiser 😉

It rolls on.... but now, I will be on the phone 3-4 times a day, every day, until it finally sinks in.  They will soon tire of me, before I feel likewise 😉

Everything logged, dates, times, excuses, fobbing off's, recordings of conversations, photos of every move, screen snips of every message, a book I have here now, a manual, an encyclopaedia of utter trash, mis comings, and beyond belief. 

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Re: No show engineers, no internet.Rubbish company.Pulling my hair out.Advice needed.

Hello again fellow BT/Openreach disgruntled customer😀. The latest in my saga is that Openreach would definitely not be appearing on the 28th (but they did…) but didn’t do anything except ask if it was true that I had cancelled too which I said NO!  Where has this rumour come from? Ffs!  I think one of the engineers has just put this as an excuse as to why he couldn’t do the job and is lying so he’s not been found out  

 Anyway, the engineer said we will come and dig a trench from bottom of your drive up to house via your lawn to stick the fibre in.  I say but You’ve said last time you’re going diagonally from the chamber to my house via that duct that was cleared when all this was started last year and it’s got a drawrope in it already. 

no says the engineer, we’re not allowed to use that one now!  It’s a pantomime that’s for sure!  But, we’re not doing it now says the engineer it’ll be sometime next week!  Then the engineer drives away and ten minutes later another on turns up, sits in his van for 1 1/2 hours then just drives off.  He could’ve done the install instead of sitting there all that time!!!

 Anyway, like you I’m not going to give up and I’ve got everything logged, all people I’ve spoken to, all the excuses and all the missed appointments etc.  good luck mate 🤣

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Re: No show engineers, no internet.Rubbish company.Pulling my hair out.Advice needed.

Update m8, lol 😄

Engineer came round on Friday to finish work (at last), so I thought I was finally done with this nonsense, but no. 

Although external work was done properly, no one had given thought as to how it will enter my house whatsoever, and engineer was calling them for everything.  He spent a good hour on phone asking advice, with his fellow 'professionals' lol, and they decided that the internal cable has to come via the attic, and down into my house (4 in a block). 

Now, a simple way to do it (as termination point is on my landing), would be to drill out, pass cable through along to my window, drill in, ONT, and bingo! 

No.  Cable is not allowed to go outside (although this would only be around 2 meters outside), so we need to go 'up' and through attic (which requires special access due to solar panels), across attic, then down into my house, requiring at least 40m of cable, lol!!, and a 'three man job' as he said. 

Away he went, and I'm now back to square one.  Could have done the job myself in 15mins lol, saving a lot of precious cable and manpower, time and effort. 

They are panicking now though, as I've had 2 texts off them today, to say that all is in order, and that they are on the ball now.  It's the only communication I've had from them throughout this whole ordeal, but compensation costs are now mounting by the hour, and the penny has seemingly just dropped 😉

Oh, and the link in one of the texts was to say, that if I require Internet in meantime, use one of the many BT WiFi Hotspots that are available, lol.

Gonna be an interesting week.

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Re: No show engineers, no internet.Rubbish company.Pulling my hair out.Advice needed.

Update on ours. So we had an engineer turn up on the 23rd April (unbelievably 2 days before they said he would) to install the cable under the garden to the house. He turns up and looks like he might not feel like doing much so I rush out to him to ask what he's going to be doing etc. I then explain to him that my neighbour has kindly said we can use his ducting under his garden to save on digging ours up and the cable still comes out very close to where we need it to so all good. He agrees and says how relieved he is because he didn't feel like doing the work required because his back had been playing up. I'm just pleased I was there because I got a strong feeling that if I wasn't then he wouldn't have done it. That might be unfair of me to say that but after reading all these posts etc I don't think anyone could blame us for not having much confidence in them. Anyway it took him about 15 mins to get it done. 

So then we get a date for the indoors install on the 25th May but I wasn't happy with that at all so our BT case manager arranged for OpenBreach to contact us which they sort of did and by that I mean the kid I spoke to was either high as a kite or was in bed half asleep. I could hardly believe that this person worked in a job where he has to communicate to people but I didn't say anything just incase it put us back or something got mixed up and so I took the earliest date of Wed 4th May. I've had the confirmation email and text so fingers crossed we'll be online on Wednesday.

I must say our BT case manager has turned out to be decent and he's really pushed it for us and at times I've felt quite sorry for him that he's having to deal with OpenBreach and he's really just stuck in the middle having to rely on that shower to do their jobs.

I'll update on Wednesday. Good luck everyone.

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Re: No show engineers, no internet.Rubbish company.Pulling my hair out.Advice needed.

Update:  Nothing! lol, but @ £5 per day to me, it's adding up 😉  Another week gone 😉  

Gonna be an interesting week, again.  Keep going BT 😉  My case manager is gonna be at my wedding now, as I know him so well, and in another 2 weeks, maybe be my best man?

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Re: No show engineers, no internet.Rubbish company.Pulling my hair out.Advice needed.

Raised another complaint tonight, as they keep pestering me with emails and texts to return old equipment. (not wanting them to suddenly charge me for not doing so, not that they would ever do that), lol.  I wish they were so 'on the ball' and keeping me informed of when I really will get this work done?

How can I send back my equipment, when I still need it?, and that they 'still' haven't fitted in something for me to use new equipment on?

This is exactly what we are dealing with here lol.  Yup, 2022 🙂

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Re: No show engineers, no internet.Rubbish company.Pulling my hair out.Advice needed.

Another week, and another £36.45 for me, hell, if they wish to waste money?


First proper bill in since upgrading, lol:

900 service - £55.00 (which still hasn't been completed, so I don't have it)  Cable still out on my landing, but not in home.

TV - £24.00??, although I took the deal @ 24 months of TV package for £6.00 (Flexible with NOW & special to 900 broadband), which I have/well still don't after 2 months, but I'm getting charged for MAX TV HD, which I used to have, lol.

Yeah, they can't even get that right!  And it's not 'crossover' nonsense, as time has passed way beyond that.

It's OK though, as I'll well be able to afford it @ 36+ per week in compensation. lol

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Re: No show engineers, no internet.Rubbish company.Pulling my hair out.Advice needed.

£24.00 refunded (they did something right lol)

Into another week lol, and asked my 'BT Mentor' how it was going, he said £205 and creeping lol, well, it's their money lol, who am I to argue? 😉 

Actually beginning to enjoy this now, lol, £5.25 per day, £140 per month for nothing LOL!!!

GO BT!!!

Don't you get £10 for each missed engineer appointments also?, hmm, that's another 50, will have to question that.

Now you see why one gets 'throttled' 😉

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