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ONT Down

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Hi Guys,


Am hoping you can help.

Had an engineer attend yesterday and install Full Fibre, all was going great more than 10X quicker than what I had before.

Until 5 minutes after the engineer left it died and has not come back. I called BT straight away and was told as the job is not complete on the system they cant send an engineer, but not to worry as things need to happen on their end and by the following day all would be fine, in the mean time I managed to get my old BT BroadBand connected, so no dramas.

This morning nothing will connect, call to BT and all they can do is get an engineer tomorrow. After much pushing from myside they called Openreach and had them test remotely and Openreach confirmed ONT down.

Does anyone know if there is anything else I can do to get things running. I have repluged cables, rebooted countless times.

I have the following lights - 

Power - Green

LOS - Red

PON - Nothing

Lan - Green

Thanks in Advance

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Re: ONT Down

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you appear to have done normal things so now just need to wait on openreach

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