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Openreach engineer failed to turn up

Broadband packed in overnight on Sunday. Hub flashing pink, never seen that before. Tried the usual...check wires, restart etc.

I work from home, 50 miles to work, so not ideal...

Anyway, got an engineer appointment 8am-1pm next day.

So, engineer. No call warning me, no message, nothing. Rang BT at 14.00 "oh, sorry, engineer won't be able to get to you, we'll have to arrange another"...

Minihub is yet to arrive, so I've had to take a day off work, and now I have another appointment.

BT person sounded half asleep, no sympathy, couldn't explain why no-one called me...

Absolutely rubbish service

Offered me £50...doesn't cover my wasted day.



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Re: Openreach engineer failed to turn up

You were offered £50 which is above the normal automatic compensation for a missed engineer appointment.

Automatic Compensation | BT Help

If you want a better SLA (Service Level Agreement) you would need to change to a BT Business package.

See link regarding lights on the hub.

What do the lights on my BT Hub mean? | BT Help