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Re: BT broadband blue light but no internet

Hello, this is my first post. 

I have been having this issue for nearly 12 months now! I have online chatted with the webchat regularly & although the problem ends up being resolved its only short term. BT have raised numerous complaints (I can't see what this has done (other then issue me with a log number (no refund on account at all). I have received a new hub, 2 new mini discs, engineer has replaced master socket & port at the green box, power cable is in a wall socket. Must have had at least 8 engineers visits over the year & they can't offer any solution. One engineer advised that my connection has dropped out 28 times in one day !!! Numerous factory resets done. Hub is literally no more than 30cm from master, TV & SkyQ box both connected via Ethernet (Wifi turned off) & get the message no internet. Mobiles say "connected, but no internet". PC is the only device that stays relatively stable, but do get the message your" internet connection has been restored most evenings. This has become a nightmare as can hardly watch any streamed TV, effecting CCTV & just doing simple things on the internet. In total there's a max of 10-15 devices on the network. Can I also add that I have a completely separate line in another building next door with no issues whatsoever. Look forward to any help this community can offer. 

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