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Re: Slow(ish) Speeds on Full Fibre 900

Ok I need help before I go mental - am about to scream!!!!!! 

3 Months of hell and me arguing with Bt and openreach ... I have had 4 openreach engineers to my new home ( a new build I built myself 4 months ago)  , 5 non shows , 3 new bt hubs, a new ONT , my fibre box rewired carefully to ensure no kinks ... and many hours of phone calls , speeds tests , online chats and call backs .... so here goes .....

The issue is as follows - I am paying for Bt 900 but when I run hard to wired tests in the house - I get 80mb , 60mb , 120 , 150. I have done all the tests with single Device and also the laptops which the engineers bring and used  fast website and also bt whole sale website ... the speeds are always consistent and always poor compared to what I should be getting where need the expected speeds !!!

no one has been able to fix the issue , no one is willing to help me. Bt told me today , they are not willing to ring or escalate the issue as it's a device issue --- so it's a bt hub device issue ? I just don't know what to do ....

They says that am getting 1000mb to the hub , but yet when I test that hub - it's nowhere near that so how the hell can this be?

The last open-reach engineer I had here was here fir5.5 hours , he told me that there is not a thing wrong with infrastructure, no issue with hard setup of fibre coming into the house and he also replaced the ont. He said there is clearly a speed issue and to get a senior / 2nd line openreach engineer, they have said they won't come and now BT said they are not willing to help fix the issue any further ? 

has anyone any ideas ?i find it all crazy ....

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Re: Slow(ish) Speeds on Full Fibre 900

FTTP isn’t like FTTC /VDSL or ADSL in that it isn’t rate adaptive, that means there is no reduction of speed due to line limitations, such as line length, electrical impediments, interference etc, basically if the light level is sufficient at the ONT , you get whatever connection you pay for,  providing your connection is correctly configured , if it is ,  then that’s the connection speed you get…if the light level is insufficient the LOS light is lit on the ONT, presumably you do not see the LOS light periodically.

Throughput is different, that to large extent depends on the sites you visit and the demand from other users on your PON, typically there are upto 29 others sharing your PON , the total bandwidth is 2.4Gb down , 1.2Gb up, obviously if you do a speed test when others are placing great demand on the bandwidth, throughput will be affected, but should still be above the minimum speed guaranteed.

You can see your connection speed to the hub from ‘My BT’ , any third party speed tester is only a guide to throughput  , if using them , you need to use several and several times to get any usable measure, perhaps you can post some results as well as the MY BT check.

There is always the possibility of some hardware issue , but if the ONT  has been changed , that only leaves the headend , but as that serves all ( upto ) 30 customers , if that were an issue , all would be affected.

If your laptop ( or whatever device you are using ) is capable of Gb speeds , connect it directly to the ONT , this eliminates the Hub as an issue , set up a PPPoE session , and check speeds directly on the PC..

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Re: Slow(ish) Speeds on Full Fibre 900

hi thanks for even replying to me - maybe i am not doing something right but this is what i did - i may add BT have told me they are not coming back and have closed my issues and that it is DEVICE issue and good bye (basically) 😞 

Took both a mac book pro and my windows machine and  connected ethernet cable directly into the ONT box ( disconnecting the BT router) - created a pppoe network but wasnt able to get online to internet to run any tests - what do i need to do next here? I did see that the ONT is obv not a router so would i be able to test the speed anyway here?

pppoe connected ?

Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 13.21.50.png


i executed a speed test from my BT app and they say the following but i am uncertain this is true hence why i want to test it myself :



i did additional hard wired tests (not wifi ) to the router via bt whole sale  attached the results below so am not sure what else i can do to verify ? Again any help most welcome to get a true test 



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Re: Slow(ish) Speeds on Full Fibre 900

Use the following to set up a PPPoE connection.


Password: BT 

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Re: Slow(ish) Speeds on Full Fibre 900

thnk you for this login detail...

ok so ; disconnected router - connected to the ont box and setup a pppoe session:

pppoe connection.PNG


and running tests as a result:




bt whole sale test when connected to the ONT with pppoe connection was the same -....


so does this confirm there IS an issue with the speed coming into the house and that BT are wrong in the saying there is no issue and that its a device issue??? i just cannot get my head around what i have to do to explain the issue to - -- HELP! 


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Re: Slow(ish) Speeds on Full Fibre 900

The speeds you are experiencing are not expected for Fibre 900. 

1. Have you swapped the Smart Hub for a different router?

2. Do you have a gigabit ethernet card from your computer connected to the Smart Hub? 

3. Have you replaced the ethernet cable from your computer to the Smart Hub?

4. Checking you are connecting to the Smart Hub using a wired connection (not WiFi). 

5. Have you connected another laptop with a gigabit ethernet port to the Smart Hub and run a speed test?

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