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Received an unrequested new BT Hub

today I received a new BT Hub in the post.  It did not come with any letter explaining why I was sent it.

I did not order this. 

However, when I logged into my BT Customer Portal, I noticed that it is part of an order related to the Digital Voice switchover and the hub has an RJ11 port for a phone handset.

If I do not use a home landline handset, can I stick with my Homehub 5 for Broadband?  Will my FTTC service continue to work on and after the digital voice switchover if I do not change the router over? 

My wife and I work from home and I don't have the mental bandwidth to deal with changing the Hub and dealing with any potential issues this might cause.  

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Re: Received an unrequested new BT Hub

If you don't use the landline you should be able to continue with the existing Hub.  You should also be able to drop the landline from your BT subscription and potentially save a couple of pounds a month.

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Re: Received an unrequested new BT Hub

Keep a hold of the Smarthub or contact BT 0330.1234.150 and ask for a returns bag or you will be charged for it if you leave BT at some point in the future and don't return it.

If you do return it make sure to keep a copy of the Proof of Postage as BT often bill people for it even after it has been returned and with out the Proof of Postage it can be a protracted affair trying to get your money back. 

I would suggest that you take a photo of it so that is you misplace the Proof of Postage paper copy you will still have a copy on your phone.

You can continue to use your Homehub 5 but if you do decide to use the Smarthub you can change the SSiD (name) and password to be the same as your Homehub 5. This will allow your devices to connect to it without you having to do anything. 

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Re: Received an unrequested new BT Hub

Thanks. It's not just the SSID, I also have some static IP allocations and DCHP exclusions set up to get some tricksy homeplug wifi extenders to work and I know that if I change something, I'm going to spend a day firefighting home LAN issues and stuff not working.  The thought of dealing with BT support feels me with horror so anything I can do to avoid change/problems is where I'm at. 

Thanks for the replies, looks like I'm good to ignore.  

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