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DLM stuck?


I think I'm posting this in the right forum!

In February we had a fault on on line (a big branch had fallen and in the wind it was rubbing the line eventually causing the connection to drop in any gusts of wind) This was repaired about 6 weeks later. Since then my line has been stuck on slow speeds. I can't remember exactly what I used to get but I'm sure it was more than 25mb, now I'm getting 4mb if I'm lucky.

I had tried the old router a few weeks ago but got the same speeds and the fault is still showing as open. I've tried speaking to someone but I always run out of time on hold.

Is my line limited now, and is there a way to get DLM manually reset? I know its automatic but nothing has changed in the last few weeks. The line doesn't drop now.

Technical log:

Firmware version:v0.42.00.10167-BT
Firmware updated:Mon Mar 11 16:45:31 2024
Board version:R01
GUI version:1.80 11_07_2023
DSL uptime:10 days,16 Hours46 Mins51 Secs
Data rate:4.294 Mbps / 5.199 Mbps
Maximum data rate:5.291 Mbps / 8.541 Mbps
Full Fibre (FTTP) Mode:Off
Noise margin:7.3 / 9.4
Line attenuation:39.0 / 42.0
Signal attenuation:39.0 / 38.1
VLAN id:101
Upstream error control:Off
Downstream error control:Off


I appreciate any help or advice, even if it is just a case of waiting another couple of months for the automatic process to catch up, but ideally if there was something that could boost speeds a wee bit sooner rather than later that would be awesome!


GScreenshot 2024-05-29 115139.pngScreenshot 2024-05-29 115003.png 

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Re: DLM stuck?

Hi @supaman I'm sorry you're having problems with your connection, there is something clearly not right with your speeds and a fault will need to be reported. I appreciate you had difficulty calling in but if you follow the steps below an engineer or call back will be arranged to get that sorted.


Text HELP to 61998 (charges may apply at your standard rate).

  • We’ll run tests on your connection to find out what’s going on.
  • If you need an engineer, we’ll text you in 15 minutes to book a slot.
  • If you don’t need an engineer, our brilliant UK and Ireland based team will call you within 30 minutes to help solve your issue.

Monday to Friday, 8am to 9pm, Weekends and bank holidays, 8am to 8pm




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Re: DLM stuck?


Thank you for the reply. The repair seems to have been successful on the line, my connection no longer drops, it hasn't for quite a while now. Despite this my speeds seem to remain locked at low levels.

I've still got an open Fault ticket since February with various engineer call outs to try and see what's up but not had any feedback about the progress whether its been sorted.

Still being charged £75 a month for a speed that's at least 7 times slower! it's no longer value for money

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Re: DLM stuck?

Still not much movement....Screenshot 2024-06-29 093353.pngScreenshot 2024-06-28 230511.pngScreenshot 2024-06-27 112324.png

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Re: DLM stuck?

from the stats you have posted I don't think this is stuck DLM but it looks like your up speed is set on FTTC but your down speed is set on ADSL hence the 8mb max speed  the dslchecker gives estimated speed 32/22mb

I have asked a mod to check for you and they will post here

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Re: DLM stuck?

awesome thank you, I managed to get through to tech support too just there (finally!) and they say it will be fixed tomorrow by openreach. When we looked at the wholesale page for speeds here it did look like it was on ADSL speeds which was confusing me.
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Re: DLM stuck?

@supaman I'm so sorry you're still experiencing problems. I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with your details.


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Re: DLM stuck?

So according to yesterday's tech support chat, this will be different by the end of the day, fingers crossed!Screenshot 2024-07-02 091327.png

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Re: DLM stuck?

@supaman I've sent you a private message. 

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Re: DLM stuck?

Screenshot 2024-07-09 123229.pngAll back up and running like never before. The engineer found a couple of faults in the line leading up the road. possibly masked by the broken line before but once he sorted the water filled junction and something else its running like never before. Took him a couple of hours in torrential downpours, great service!


Thank you for helping

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