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Return hub 2?

During the recent outage in SE London BT sent me a new hub 2.  Before I unpacked it I was advised from various sources that the problem was at the exchange and nothing to do with our lines or equipment.  So the Hub is still in its box, untouched.  Naturally, BT want the old hub back and I have been told that I will have to pay £50 if I don't return it - no complaints as that is fair enough.  My question is..if I keep the new hub and pay the £50 will that be acceptable?  I really don't want to disturb everything if there's no need, especially my alarm console which took me ages to connect as it's supposed to use WPS but doesn't!  I'd quite like to have 2 hubs for troubleshooting etc. in the future and of course in case my current one really does develop a fault.

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Re: Return hub 2?

In theory if you don't return the hub and you are charged for it the hub then becomes your property. If you do decide to do that make sure that you keep any receipt of notification that you have paid for it.

How to return and recycle your BT equipment for free | BT Help

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