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Slow BT900 (300-500) - Request to fallback to BT500


I have been in touch with the BT CEO office who was able to fix the "always on BT wifi-X, instantly" (but 10 staff members on calls could not, or had not heard of 'hotspots' or 'BT-Wifi-X').

Anyway, since this has been done my speeds have dropped AGAIN, the first 30 days it was a solid 900Mbps, after day 30 it dropped to 700Mb-ish.. now I'm only getting 400-500Mb, as my fallback is 700Mbit I would like to request to fallback to BT FTTP 500 ..or.. cancel the account. I should note that only 2 more neighbours (since me) have signed up to BT FTTP, and these tests are at 7.30AM when i get these speeds

- there is 2500Mbps for up-to 32 customers - you can see where I'm going with this... even ten customers on 150-500Mb would be enough to saturate that! had i been told about that i would have stayed put.

700MB Fallbackspeeed - proof700MB Fallbackspeeed - proof

as you can see 700Mb Stay Fast Guarantee - i'd like to fallback to 500Mb


as I say this was 7.30-8 am this morning when it should be DEAD - I dread testing it later on during peak time!!

I should note these tests were done on a clean system with no app, anti-virus or firewall or browser plugins installed, i have a system setup for these tests, @ staff - please don't quote the AWS test result as its garbage 930.08 no matter the load from DSLAM to MODEM

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Re: Slow BT900 (300-500) - Request to fallback to BT500


That is about what you would expect on a normal residential connection, for the price you are paying.

BT Business users get a low contention ratio, but they pay a lot more each month.

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Re: Slow BT900 (300-500) - Request to fallback to BT500

yeah but the STG is 700MB and i aint getting anywhere near that - so they have to do something

and getting n average of 300-400 while paying for a 900 connection (THEY SAY) - why don't they say on TV "it can slow down though as its shared between 32 customers" - i have just 3 (that i can see) on FTTP in my area and already im struggling

ways to tell - low lying external NTE  - check the cable if it has long metal strips (new holders) at each end then its FTTP

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