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Slower download speed

Hello all


Until the end of Feb I was getting download speeds of around 39 Mbps.

There has been an ongoing problem (since Feb also) in my area that has recently been resolved. However my download speeds are still around 26 or 27. The BT app says “Your Stay Fast download speed is 28Mbps”


Can anyone tell from the stats below whether it’s possible to get the higher speed again?


FYI, the DSL uptime was over 5 days yesterday so something reset last night.




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Re: Slower download speed


The noise margin on your connection is higher than it should be which suggests that maybe there's an issue with your line.

Assuming you've not got Digital Voice then dial 17070 , option 2 to check for any noise. There should be none at all. This is best done with a corded phone if you have one. If there's any noise report it as a noisy line not a broadband issue.

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Re: Slower download speed

Thanks Tim

Unfortunately I don’t have a corded phone. I tried with the cordless one I have, there was some barely perceptible background noise but not sure if it was the cordless phone causing it. 

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Re: Slower download speed

with a cordless phone you may get a dull hum which is normal

you said previous to last rest hub had been connected for only 5 days  so have you been having problems with your connection dropping maybe back in FEB or have you been trying a few restarts to see idf speed will return?

from stats your attainable speed is about 38mb so if you can get noise margin down to normal 6db then speed should start to increase.  this should happen automatically if you can maintain a stable connection

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Re: Slower download speed

I did have problems early March where I was losing connection every 5 minutes or so. I reported the fault and Bt said there was an ongoing fault and sent me the 4G box to keep me connected. It was no good for home working as a did not have a decent signal. 
In desperation I swapped out the Bt modem and Netgear router for a BT Homehub they had sent me ages ago which I had never used. This got me working again albeit at 26Mbps rather than the 40 I had for years. 

The resets happen themselves during the night as far as I can tell. I try to let everything settle for as long as possible 6 days is the longest since using the HH

I was not checking every day and I did restart manually at one point.
you can see from the stats below that on the 21st my up speed increased after a overnight reset  

14th March

6 days

Data rate 7.2 / 30

Maximum data rate 12609/34830

Noise margin 9.6 dB / 5.8 db


21st March

5 hours

Data rate 10.00 Mbps / 30.00 Mbps

Maximum data rate 12490/37113

Noise margin 7.1 dB / 7.2 dB


26th March

1 hour

Data rate: 10.00 Mbps / 30.00 Mbps

Maximum data rate: 12475/37923

Noise margin: 7.1 dB / 8.6 dB


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