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Smart Hub 2 capped upload again



I recently connected a LAN cable to an old switch on our network, assuming it was still working fine and could use it in the bedroom at back of house for plugging in devices. This didn't really work as it was causing errors on the connection, which then started affecting other devices on the network. As part of the resolution, I was walked through a full reset of ONT and Smart Hub 2, issue now resolved. Since then, the upload speed has stuck at 50Mbps and won't recover to the full 110Mbps as before. Is this an issue with the SH2 firmware, any else come across this and been able to fix it? 


Many Thanks

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Re: Smart Hub 2 capped upload again

if you reset the ONT and SH2 then it could take 3/4 days for upload to get back to normal  if nothing after that time you probably need mod help

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Re: Smart Hub 2 capped upload again

That's a little while to wait, why does this happen? Is it to do with the hub itself or the ONT? Or is it something else entirely I wonder if anyone knows?
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Re: Smart Hub 2 capped upload again


I am sure I know the answer to this, as it goes back a long time.

A parameter change was sent to the SH2 to remove the upload limit that is imposed on VDSL to prevent the connection from dropping on large uploads.

This change is stored in the user config file, which unfortunately is overridden by value stored in the factory default config. That puts it back to the original upload limit until next time a parameter change is pushed out to your SH2.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 capped upload again

And the parameter change only happens every so often I guess? No clear timescale it would seem, Twitter support told me that I am only guaranteed 10Mbps upload on the full 900 package so currently within speed guarantee.
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Re: Smart Hub 2 capped upload again

Not sure how often the hubs are polled. If the problem continues for more than a week, it may be possible to ask the moderators to ask for an update if its causing you a problem.

Upload speed is not really that important, if you are getting 50Mbs, that should be more than enough.