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Surrounded by FTTP

I spent most of last July watching OR hardware being installed up and down the street - down holes and up poles - thought - yippee - gigabit broadband available soon. No such luck - stopped at number 37 (I'm at 41). I can turn right out of my front door and walk 25 yds and stand in front of a building with OR Gigabit broadband - I can turn left out of my front door and walk 25 yds and stand in front of a building with OR Gigabit broadband - but I can' get it. Anyone know why?

Both 37 and 41 are served by the same cabinet. Also exchange is at the end of the street(300m).

Used to be able to email OR though their website  - that option seems to have disappeared.  Did ask OR about this (when I could email them) but they just said that they had no plans for this area.

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Re: Surrounded by FTTP

Hi, @DavidC1954 welcome back to the community and thanks for posting. Only Openreach will be able to advise you on what plans they have for your area.  I'd recommend contacting Openreach on this link fibre availability 



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Re: Surrounded by FTTP

With respect..... and I joined this forum for the same reason. 

What the OP has, and I have the same, is a query that very near neighbours are able to order FTTP but they aren't. 

Going to the regular availability sites, or even filling in the OR form asking about availability simply returns a response of "We do not have plans to install FTTP in your area, check back soon".

Thats fine if the whole street or village aren't connected, but if a couple of houses to the right or a couple of houses to the left are all connected then its hard to understand the "no plans for your area" comment. 

If a street has been enabled, but say 5 houses (as if my case) have not then surely OR records must indicate why they elected to do 90% of the street, both to the left and to the right, both over the road and on my side, but not the other 10%. Issuing a "no plans for your area" just doesn't help much.

Said with respect 🙂, and in full knowledge that this is very much a nice to have.




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Re: Surrounded by FTTP


this is a customer help customer forum for BT Retail and have no connection with openreach.  If there are a block of homes not able to get FTTP then you need to contact openreach and raise a complaint

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Re: Surrounded by FTTP

imjolly, I think you missed the point of my post.

If you read it again you may note that I was simply offering BT and/or OR constructive advise as to how they may improve their communications with clients and in doing I presented a very clear example of where such currently falls short.

It was not a personal 'complaint' as you suggested, it was a pearl of wisdom, some friendly free advice. 

Thank you for your response all the same. 

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