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Swish fibre & switching

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I currently get BT FTTC for broadband to my home via overhead cable. Openreach have deemed my road too rural for FTTP installation and we have been working for the last 18 months as a community to have FTTP installed by openreach as part of the government rural broadband scheme to no avail.

Now suddenly, Swish fibre are digging up the street and installing their own fibre (as I write this they are outside my house).

I have a while left to run on my BT contract but my question is whether I am able to switch to BT FTTP via the cable that Swish have installed in the street or is it essentially locked to Swish like a Virgin cable would be? On the BT web pages it still states that they cannot provide FTTP in my area.

Introductory deals from Swish look good but I don't want to be stuck with a provider and not have the ability to switch at the end of the contract.

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Re: Swish fibre & switching

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It will be locked to Swish and whatever partners they choose. BT won't be one of them.