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Why do ISP's offer such slow speeds?

Currently, I have BT Fibre 1 package which is advertised to provide me 32-36mbps download range (which is the fastest package available for me), yet not once have a experienced these kinds of speeds. I checked the BT wholesale website to get information about my line and these are the results


(Please can someone explain these to me in simple terms)

I have also looked around and other ISP's are offering me speeds of around 26mbps. Why is this so low? In the modern age of 2022 where ISP's are able to provide speeds in the "gb/s", why is mine so slow?

Is there a way for this issue to be resolved once and for all? Is there a cheap alternative to bringing fast broadband to my house?

I look forward to any response 🙂

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Re: Why do ISP's offer such slow speeds?

The only way you'll get gigabit speeds is via full fibre and you'll only get those speeds then if your own kit is up to the job 

There are various network operators including Openreach, rolling out full fibre networks across the country but as I'm sure you can appreciate, it's not a small job and is costing tens of billions of pounds. Until they get to your street, it's just a case of sit and wait or pay tens of thousands of pounds for a personal installation.

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Re: Why do ISP's offer such slow speeds?

It's called the laws of physics. At the sort of frequencies VDSL uses, attenuation increases very quickly with distance.

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