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no internet for 10 days

Hello, I have an issue with my internet, it was working just fine and suddenly stopped, I called BT, spoke to them and we arranged an engineer, the engineer came yesterday and still I have no internet, he said something like the internet works just fine is just that it works on a different house, like my internet works for someone else where it shouldn't and the person that shouldn't have internet has...


He said that by today it should work just fine but still is not working, what can I do ? I contacted BT and they don't care..they booked another engineer again.


Sorry for my bad English, I moved to the UK not long ago.

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Re: no internet for 10 days

If you have a working landline phone try dialling 17070 and check the number repeated is your phone number.  If not then you need to contact  customer services 150 or 0800800150 from mobile and report phone fault

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