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5G abroad "Roam like home"

Hi all,


I have a 5G BT mobile plan with roam like home enabled. I'm currently abroad (in Switzerland) and I'm on the same Swiss network as I've always been when here with my old UK provider. My old provider would let me use 5G here but I don't even get the option on my phone to change between 5G/4G with BT. It appears as if I can't use 5G abroad.

Does BT allow you to use 5G abroad as well? I couldn't find any current information hence I'd be happy if someone could answer this. 🙂


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Re: 5G abroad "Roam like home"

See What is Roam Like Home? | BT Help

Switzerland is in Roaming Zone 1b

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Re: 5G abroad "Roam like home"

Thanks Les-Gibson. I couldn't find anything about 5G usage abroad though?





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Re: 5G abroad "Roam like home"

There is another link you could look at but due to the context in which it has been written I'm not sure if it's applicable to your circumstances or if it applies only to countries where roaming is not available.

BT Mobile data roaming work in every country? | BT Help states "Roaming won't be initially available for your 5G plan, so if you use your 5G phone abroad, you might not get 5G data speeds. Your phone will still work, but could be using 4G, 3G or even 2G, depending on the network in the country you are in."


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Re: 5G abroad "Roam like home"

Phone Moto G 5G plus.

Cattier BT mobile

Location Donegal Ireland. Screenshot_20230713-234759~3.png

Network EIR


  1. In Northern Ireland BT/EE seem to have only activated 5G on or around Belfast. While roaming in the Republic of Ireland  I have got 4G+ (LTE-A) Signal strength. Recently I was surprised by a 5G signal on EIR whilst roaming. I have attached a screen shot.
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Re: 5G abroad "Roam like home"

5G or 4G+ roaming.


Carrier(s) : EIR(roaming), Orange France (Roaming) and some (BT/EE /home non roaming) figures. Seems some 4G+ stats while roaming are better than 5G stats  while roaming.Screenshot_20230806-180806-809~2.pngScreenshot_20230806-181430-121~2.pngScreenshot_20230806-182601-756~2.png