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Is 5G included on all mobile contracts. I work in a 5G area, have a 5G phone with 5G turned on but only get 4G on signal. 

After looking on my account, it describes my contract as 4G but my wife's says 5G. Does it have to be switched in or something?



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According to BT 

To use 5G, you will need a 5G ready SIM, in a 5G enabled device. All of our SIM Only plans bought since 1 September 2020 come with SIMs that are 5G ready, so you're all set to make the most of everything 5G has to offer. You just need to use the SIM in a 5G device and to be in a 5G area.

you need to phone CS 150 or 0800800150 from mobile and they should be able to sort it out for you



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