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BT to EE migration do not offer 'Seriously good deal'

I am probably guilty as anyone and stay with the easiest option rather than change. However being a current BT broadband user and a BT mobile out of contract user and have been a loyal BT customer for many years the BT migration and the apparent lack of acknowledgement of loyalty is quite breathtaking. My broadband contract is due to expire soon but not before the mobile and broadband contract price hike in March so I thought it would be interesting exercise to look at a couple of mobile providers that piggyback off of the EE mobile network.

There a number of thing items that are important and useful to me so I needed to check that these were part of the offerings. I set a base level of around 20GB or a price of £10 a month data package with unlimited text and calls as a comparison.


  • 20GB - £9 data speed restricted
  • 4G & 5G – some contracts speed restricted
  • Roam like at home within the EU at a cost.
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • WiFi Calling
  • Tethering


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Re: BT to EE migration do not offer 'Seriously good deal'

Not sure loyalty would be a factor here. There are stories out there of people who have been loyal to  companies for decades and have been overpaying for decades. Business is business, and that's that. It's also a free market and so one is  welcome to do their research before they decide on a specific product. That one doesn't always do their research is their own fault and as brutal as it sounds, companies thrive thanks to such customers.  

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Re: BT to EE migration do not offer 'Seriously good deal'

I am guilty myself of no looking around myself at times at it is easier to stay with the company you know rather than move for many reasons. In this case EE\BT want customers to move away from their legacy products but it seems to me that they are not providing any incentives to do so or do they just want the BT customer base to disappear. In this instance I am surprised (probably should not be) that companies that using the same infrastructure can provide a better product both at home and abroad.

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Re: BT to EE migration do not offer 'Seriously good deal'

Unfortunately, references to third party companies within the communities T&C's are not allowed so my post has been moderated to reflect that. My suggestion is to have a close look at what you are being offered before starting a new mobile contract with EE

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Re: BT to EE migration do not offer 'Seriously good deal'

My problem with the EE deal I was offered was the assumption that everybody only cares about a huge data allowance.

The fact you lose Family SIM discounts, EU Roaming and, on some BT packages, TNT Sport is simply not advertised.

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Re: BT to EE migration do not offer 'Seriously good deal'

I agree with you @Colin_London . Personally I don't need massive amounts of data and I would be sure that is true for a lot of people but that is the main focus when selling sims it seems. It would be better if there were tick box products for example

X gb of data (10gb up to unlimited)

Unlimited calls

Unlimited text

EU roaming

Mobile TNT sport

Family sims

Then provide a price on the selected items not just xGB of data.

on't need massive amoutns to f data

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