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Being charged Morrocan data in Spain


I'm currently in southern Spain supposedly using my home plan data according to the texts sent to me by BT but I'm racking up charges.

I called BT using the 150 number from Spain and the lady I spoke to was hopeless. Firstly she couldn't answer the question whether I was being charged for this call. She kept saying "yes unless you are currently connected to WiFi". 

Secondly she repeatedly said I was being charged for roaming because I was not on Halo3 broadband. My BT mobile is a sim only deal unconnected to broadband.

Since that call I've discovered that I'm being charged as though I was in Morocco. So despite having 6gb of data on my home plan and getting texts from BT saying I'm free to use my home plan data, I'm incurring charges. As if to add insult to injury since that call earlier today I have been unable gain login access to my account to check how much I'm currently being ripped off for.

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Re: Being charged Morrocan data in Spain

You might physically be in southern Spain but just over the water is Morocco, chances are you phone has connected to the closest mask which is in another country.

I had a similar issue when I was in northern Ireland and connected to a mast in southern Ireland.

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Re: Being charged Morrocan data in Spain

Can you chose a Spanish mobile company in the mobile settings rather than letting your mobile chose?


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Re: Being charged Morrocan data in Spain

Simply turn off auto network and connect to or or or and see which one works and not networks ending .ma

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Re: Being charged Morrocan data in Spain

Thanks for your replies. I was able to lock on to Movistar but only after incurring costs and so there is a customer service issue here for BT to take on board and resolve for future reference.

The person I spoke to was simply not knowledgeable to deal with my concern. As it turned out I was not being charged for the 150 call but had I been aware of that at the time we could have spent a bit more time getting to the bottom of the reason I was incurring unexpected data charges and to find a solution, instead of which because she confusingly gave the impression that I would be charged for the call if I was not connected to wifi I felt the need to cut the call short to avoid even more charges.

Secondly by indicating that I would only get free roaming if I had Halo 3 broadband completely confused the matter when I was receiving texts from BT stating that I was able to use my home data plan. This was a sim package matter and broadband package had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The fact that I was in Spain picking up telecom from across the straits in Morocco is not an issue that can be blamed on BT. But since this must be a known issue to BT then a Customer Service Advisor, who deals with roaming matters, adding confusion to the issue can be blamed on BT.

A proper response might have been firstly to give assurance that this call is not incurring further charges. Secondly to correctly identify that the source of the incurred roaming charge as being from Moroccan Telecom. Thirdly to offer advice on how to prevent that happening further. Instead I spent the next two days having to go looking for free wifi here and there every time I needed to use data instead of using the 6gb of data I had already paid for.

Not great service BT.     

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