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Beware when transferring from BT Mobile to EE mobile

12 months ago I was “encouraged” by a call from BT to change from BT mobile to EE.  I had been a BT customer for many years, I couldn’t see the harm in it, and naively thought I would be helping them by doing so. 🤣.  The BT contract was on a rolling month to month basis. 

12 months in,  they have upped the price (as they are allowed to do) but I’m told that as I agreed to a 24 month contract  I can neither downgrade my services to save money, nor leave EE as I will be charged £103 per mobile (I have 3 on the plan) for either of those options!

I also realised that I have lost my EU free roaming option which was included with BT. 

So I’m stuck for another 12 months whether I like it or not.

Read the small print,  I didn’t!


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