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Changing mobile number

One of the sim contracts on my account is used by a vulnerable adult and we now need to change the phone number how do we do this?

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Re: Changing mobile number

Hi @TheDavid ,

You can call customer care and ask for the line to be renumbered. I don’t know if there would be a charge for a renumber. If so, depending on the rational for the renumber, it could be waived. 

If you want to guarantee a free number. There’s also another way around it (depends if the below is worth the effort for you):

1. Buy a prepaid sim from your local shop (those 99p sims), if you look at the Vodafone prepaid ones, you can see the phone numbers on the labels on the packages - buy the number you want. 

2. Put the Vodafone sim in a handset, switch it on. Dial an 0800 number (e.g. BT on 0800 800 150) and let it connect (this ensures the sim is active and you don’t need to top up)

3. Text PAC to 65075 and you’ll get a message back with a PAC code for that number 

4. Log into your MyBT and follow the instructions to port in a number to that line you wish to renumber

5. So long as you do this before 17:00, the number will port the following working day

So result is, the new number you’ve ported in will replace the number you’re not requiring anymore. 


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