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Roaming whilst in the USA

Roaming whilst in the USA


The major operators in the USA, as part of their network upgrades, have switched off their 3G services, so you may notice a change to your roaming experience (including service availability, coverage areas, and speeds) when visiting the USA.


To help minimise any potential disruption to your roaming experience we have made it available while in the US, however, this is dependent on the US operator’s network availability and device compatibility.


4G Calling will allow you to continue to make and receive calls & SMS over the US network’s 4G/LTE network, so more network capacity will improve call setup times, and call quality and allow you to continue to use your data roaming at faster speeds.


  • 4G Calling works with iPhone 6 and above if you have a mobile plan with us.
  • 4G Calling may also work with some Android phones if you have a plan with us. Please check with the manufacturer.


To access 4G Calling abroad, you’ll need to make sure your phone is updated to the latest software version and you have VoLTE available whilst in the UK.


4G/LTE might not be available in some areas, in these cases we advise customers to connect to T-Mobile, using the device’s manual selection within the settings menu.


Customers who do not have a 4G calling compatible device are advised to ensure their device is on the T-Mobile network (2G) which would allow voice and SMS, however, please note call quality will be lower as a result, and data service may be paused during the call.


To ensure the best roaming experience, we encourage customers to upgrade to a compatible 4G Calling device.

Please visit for more details.


Data roaming


To ensure BT customers are able to use their devices while abroad, we work with partner network operators around the world to enable roaming access to their networks.


Many operators are looking to upgrade their networks to expand 4G and 5G coverage/services and to do so requires the switch off of older technologies/networks such as 2G and 3G.


Unfortunately, this is out of EE’s control, however, do note EE will continue to ensure 4G Calling is made available where possible to ensure roaming service continuity.