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Tap2bill scam

Good afternoon all, I thought I might just raise a  topic on the above company making charges to your accounts without you knowing. I'm actually with ee through BT and have BT broadband.

I had a 56p charge on my account from text number 0149 4750 678 with reference number 60599. The reference refers to I have never sent a text to this number or received one and when I looked at “who called me” on the internet, many people have reported this as a scam. I’m not too concerned about the small charge but wanted to ensure nobody else gets caught. 

I have chatted to ee to report this who were very helpful and put a 'charge to account bar' to prevent this. They also refunded the 56p, not that I was worried about that. Looking at previous topics on the ee community site, the last time it came up was 2019 (That I can see) so maybe they have resurfaced. Hope this helps and I hope you don't mind me posting about ee on here to prevent further issues with you guys. Looking at the internet it's not just ee that are effected (Or should that be affected?).

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