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Transferring to EE

Hi, all this is a beware message.  I was just coerced into transferring to EE from BT mobile.  I was assured I would keep my benefits when I transferred.  YOU DO NOT KEEP YOUR BENEFITS.

EE currently give you no value for the years you have spent with BT and you start on their minimum trust value.  You cannot even upgrade your account until you have been with EE for 6 months.

Please make sure you get it in writing that you will keep all benefits!

You have been warned

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Re: Transferring to EE

Which benefits are you referring to? I transferred from BT Mobile to EE and kept my double data, speed boost and also receive a 10% for being a BT Broadband customer... And I got a substantially better deal than my previous contract with BT Mobile. The whole transfer was went very smoothly... 

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Re: Transferring to EE

Hi, I think it all depends on what your package is with BT Mobile. I am out of contract with BT Mobile and the re-contract offers from both BT Mobile and EE, do not even match my current pricing. In addition, Roam at Home is an additional cost with EE.

So I remain on a month - to - month out of contract BT Mobile plan.


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Re: Transferring to EE

BT haven't offered handset plans for a while so the only upgrade users have been able to do is change data allowances (up or down).

When moving to EE you lose EU roaming, and the ability to switch data allowances month to month and you need to be careful (if you're bothered) that they don't stick you on a speed limited plan.

When I moved my first line over it was max speed, few weeks ago I moved my final line over and it was limited to 100Mbps, had to pay an extra £5 for the fastest speed. For me telesales didn't mention the plan is limited, it's only after I looked online and saw what had happed but by that time it was too late to revert back to BT-M.

More details of the benefits of having BT-EE here.

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Re: Transferring to EE

Also loose Roam like at home
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Re: Transferring to EE

Aye - that’s what I meant by EU roaming. 😃

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Re: Transferring to EE

The Roam like Home package that I was using frequently.  If you go abroad regularly for a couple of days at a time, Roam like Home was brilliant.

I have now bought a '3' sim that I can use abroad and it doesn't cost me £2 a day to send a message!  I just need to keep it topped up and a message comes of my allowance.

I have kept the benefits named by @NigelB72 but they cost me more now from EE than they did with BT.  Unfortunately when I noticed and tried to move back to BT I was told "No, you are passed the time limit to transfer back".  Perhaps the 'time limit' needs to be extended to after at least 2 bills have been raised, so you know what you are really paying!

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Re: Transferring to EE

We’ve got a Family SIM with BT Mobile and the contract is up in May 2023. I’ve got no intention of moving over to EE at the moment and will probably try and stay with BT Mobile for as long as possible when we’re out of contract. 

I’m puzzled as to why @NigelB72  considers he’s better off with EE but @Whyter1959  says that EE is costing him more despite keeping the same benefits. I understand that someone who travels abroad regularly would miss Roam Like Home from BT Mobile. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve stated when resisting being persuaded to swap over when I’ve called BT about another issue.

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Re: Transferring to EE

@Brucemeister5  i was paying £35 per month with BT Mobile  for unlimited texts and minutes with 12gig of data, extra speed boost on 4G.  Also a Pixel 4a as part of the deal with £50 upfront.

Halo gave me double data with a £5 discount for being a BT Broadband customer.

My new deal gives me unlimited texts and minutes, 15gig of data, uncapped speed, 5G and a Pixel 6a with nothing up front for £25 per month and a 10% discount for having BT Broadband. 

The only thing I lose is Roam like at home but I can handle £20 or so a year for the occasional roaming because I'm £7.50 a month better off 

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Re: Transferring to EE

I also forgot to mention that I still get my double data, so 30gig a month