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How to report BT for False Credit reporting


I need guidance, BT flagged me as having 3 months of arrears and when they checked they realised that they had registered me under two accounts. All my payments were upto date but were going to the wrong account and the irony is I was logging into BT and paying from the platform.

I have tried to ask them to correct this but all they do is admit it is a BT error and they say they have fixed it but when i check it's still there. Today when i called BT and the agent said there is nothing he can do as it's beyond him. 

I am currently applying for a mortgage loan and it was rejected because of the BT flag on my credit report. Please if anyone can advise me on how to take them to court i would appreciate.

Thanks 😞

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Re: How to report BT for False Credit reporting

A solicitor will advise you how to take them to court.

If you want advice how to resolve the problem the forum can help.