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Vulnerable 92 year old

My 92 year old stepmother who lives alone is registered with 'Careline 24'  therefore she wears an alarm around her neck at all times. Should she have a fall it is activated by sudden movement or should she require any other assistance she can press the alarm button at anytime.

Her BT landline went down for a full 7 days prior to it being fixed. Her phone was reported to BT on the day it went off. Thus during those 7 days if anything untoward had happened to her nobody would have been aware of her predicament as the 'Careline 24' relies on a connection through her landline.

On her behalf I spoke to a very helpful lady employed by BT who suggested that we register her with BT as a 'vulnerable customer'. The lady informed me that she would post the application form out to her home address which she duly did. Upon looking at this BT application form you have to jump through hoops to be classed as eligible.

I would have thought due to her age and the fact that her only outside assistance through her 'Careline 24' relies on a reliable BT landline that she would have automatically qualified?

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

I get what you mean however just saying you're on careline 24would mean everyone under the sun would call up & get put on the priority list, they will need to see some proof to stop that happening

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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

Have a look at and you can see all the options available for any and all impairments along with services and products that might benefit.

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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

We have been in touch with Careline 24 this week to see if they can assist with this problem of getting her on the BT's vulnerable list. We were informed that they would supply written proof that she should be considered for the list.
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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

Thanks for the link, we will have a look at what they say.
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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

Hi Richie,
I have since had a look at the link you sent me but basically all that link does is recommend different types of phones for different disabilities. The problem we have is having a week long line breakdown so she had no other lifeline to rely on in the event of a fall/illness.
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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

Hi @oldshooter2 I'm sorry to see your stepmother was left without telephone service for a week and I appreciate the worry this must have caused you. I'm sure that due to her age and circumstances she would be accepted on to the priority repair scheme.

The application form requires a doctors or consultants signature along with their official stamp and contact details to be accepted on to the scheme, this is required to ensure that only eligible vulnerable customers are accepted on to the scheme as otherwise, it may be open to abuse.

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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

Good Morning Neil,

Many thanks for your email, we are getting a letter from 'Careline 24' as proof in their opinion that she is vulnerable and then attach it to an application form with her GP's signature and basically hope that BT accept her on to their vulnerability list.

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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

Hi @oldshooter2 no problem, the signature from the GP should be enough as her age would qualify her as being vulnerable. I can't see any reason why the application will not be successful but if you have any difficulties with this please message me back here and I'll be happy to help. 

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Re: Vulnerable 92 year old

Hi NeilO,

Many thanks for your advice, we will keep you in the loop regarding progress with the application and should we hit a stumbling block we will let you know. Many thanks for your assistance with our problem.