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connection between post and house

I went full fibre  on 13 March, and about two weeks ago we had a windy spell. The cable bracket on the house wall came loose and dangles over the Calor Gas tanks. I reported this to BT who referred me to Openreach, I have contacted them twice saying that the bracket presents a danger where it is. For some reason Openreach think I run a business and I cannot report a domestic fault.  The  reason that the bracket came a way is because the engineer put the wall plugs in the mortar rather than the brickwork. I have two redundant brackets some well over 20 years old and still secure.

How do I get Openreach to fix the problem as the cable runs over the edge of the roof iles, and we are having another windy spell and the cable is chafing on the roof tiles

I have attached a photo

Loose bracketLoose bracket

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Re: connection between post and house

did you use this page to report damage to openreach

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Re: connection between post and house

Thaks for the response.

Itried the links and was  told that I had to contact BT, which I did. I phined, not the best way for me considering my hearing problems, but I did get through. I think the problem was sent to openreach, and I await a reply from them. The contact numbers I was given were the ones I have been using and as before, I was sent round and round to the same link


it seems that both Openreach and bt are avoiding the problem by making me dizzy

Thanks again for the help

Distinguished Sage

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Re: connection between post and house