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Re: Should i call ofcom????

Yeah, a SASA has 32 Fibres. Technically they’re only supposed to use 30 but that’s not always the case.

Did they say exactly what was at Capacity, was it just the Splitter?

Or is there no Capacity on the Spine Network, if it is the Spine then that’ll be a major obstacle because the Spine Cable is fed from the Head End, which could be 5, 10, 15+ km away. 

Unusual they’ve run out of Capacity to be honest though as Openreach always build to 125% Capacity. So that’s enough for 1 Service per Premises plus an additional 25% for future.


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Re: Should i call ofcom????

Almost no feedback, just no capacity.

I was told the pole and as too old tome climb, but other neighbors had it done from a cherry picker.

I was told surveys etc... Would be done.

Nothing ever happened.

Im a good distance from what i believe to be the nearest exchange.

Fairly rural.

I doubt they out many cables in, but you would expect to at least cover the amount of properties and like you say, 25% for future proofing. 

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Re: Should i call ofcom????

To be honest there’s so many possibilities for the delay it’d take time to list them.

Think what you need to do is contact BT and or Openreach Complaints and ask for an in depth detailed reason for the deal.


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Re: Should i call ofcom????

I wish i had the energy to call.

Ive made so many calls and nothing ever happens.

Problem is. You cant claim compensation until it's installed apparently. 

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Compensation after 2 years

Its been 2 years since i was supposed to have fibre and phone installed but for many reasons that has not happened.

Should i have received compensation by now??? 

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Re: Compensation after 2 years

I hope you would agree that there has to be limits to things like this , BT have a USO ( universal service obligation ) if a landowner ( for example ) converted a barn into a dwelling ( properly registered etc ) and sold it , and provided access rights to it ( the access isn’t  owned by the property  ) then that landowner could effectively use the USO as a way to extort money from BT  , basically asking for a fortune to allow the means to provide service being installed on or in their ‘land’ , in these circumstances it’s unreasonable to expect the BT  to pay whatever is asked , for one thing those two party’s could collude , basically they get together, landowner suggests they ask for BT service , landowner says I’ll ask for £10,000 to allow a pole , and I’ll split the money with you , I know that’s not your situation, but it illustrates the need for reasonable refusal to provide services.
Compensation is normally paid as a bill credit , presumably you haven’t had a bill , how can compensation be worked out if you don’t have a point in which the service is in and the compensation can be calculated, presumably you are expecting some sort of interim payment, but if you received that whats to say you won’t simply take the money and ‘run’
I dare say situations like yours will eventually make it to BT legal services

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Re: Compensation after 2 years

I was told they couldn't climb an old pole.

Neighbor wouldn't let them change it.

They allegedly looked for other options.

Neighbor had his installed off a cherry picker.

Other neighbor applied for service after me.

They came to survey for her property, she gave permission to cross her land and service me at the same time. (I informed bt they had this option twice)

They installed her service but not mine (from 7 poles up the road)

I was told i would have to get a copper line installed first and then upgraded to fibre (even though i already have an old copper line into my property) its so slow nobody would give me internet through it.

So they came and installed another line anyway. 

Then fibre service was requested only to be told there is no more capacity left and we have to wait for open reach to install more fibre, months go by with no update and no contact.

I call bt and I'm informed there is no fibre in my area, even though my neighbors have it 

I contacted open reach, they tell me there is no plans to install fibre in my area yet. Even though its already installed and my neighbors have it. 

And now 2 years later im here. Im on my 10th mini hub and still having to take turns with the mrs to use the internet because its so slow or just stops. Shes EE so if EE goes down so does bt and shes got nothing. No internet ans no phone 

Ive gone out of my way to get fibre as its soul destroying without it.

I certainly and in no way have intentionally avoided having my services installed to make £5... a day. 

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Re: Should i call ofcom????

Contact from open reach, told me there is no plans to install fibre in my area, even though the neighbors have it (OMG)


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Re: Compensation after 2 years

They have charged me money and taken it from my bill a few times. 

I have to keep calling to get it back because im not using the service because i dont have it.


They did it again this month.

Bt staff on this forum have also stopped talking to me for months.

Its newspapers, tv, watchdog, one show, whatever next. 


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Re: Compensation after 2 years

Hi @Leebeemee ,

I can see @RobbieMac has been dealing with this and is due to check again on Monday. I'll make sure he's aware of your latest post.



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