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3 months and no internet

So we ordered a fibre package through BT which was clearly available online. It turns out there actually was no fibre in our apartment building. It took 2.5 months of waiting for openreach to install fibre to our apartment corridor. BT have had us waiting so far for 0.5 months for them to connect the fibre in the corridor into the router in our house. 

I got a call from our case handler, who hadn’t even been updated for the fibre being installed in the corridor, and I had to update him that no more external work was needed! 

Are BT normally this incompetent and bad at communicating between departments/ openreach!? I don’t understand how we were down as a fibre property when we didn’t have access, and then even now, when there is fibre, why it’s taking so long just to finish off the job? 

Has anyone else had experiences like this? I thought BT was a reputable company, but this has been handled so poorly. 

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