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Account details missing

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Hi everyone.

Not a new issue this, but I have been unable to find any resolved posts.

Some while back I was forced into a password reset when my original was rejected. Now it seems I have a different A/C number* I can open the MY BT app and access the A/C online but there are no details of my package, my usage, just the message saying try later.

My bill is due, but I don't know the amount. Can a company really remove money from my account without showing me a bill?


*bill is linked to original account number.

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Re: Account details missing

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Hi @dorsetlad1 welcome back and sorry that you're having trouble with getting some information on your MyBT.

I've not come across getting deleted from a BTID in error.

Do you have more than one account linked to your BTID?
Have you moved home and been given a new account number?
When can you recall last looking at your online account when it was working ok? 





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Re: Account details missing

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I posted this while holding on for tech help for 45 minutes.

When my BTID wasn't recognised I did a Password reset and noticed a different account number. I spoke to BT a month ago and was told they would look into it. The query was then filed as closed!

Today a helpful home-worker quickly and simply deleted this second account and now when i log in I get the old one back. An easy resolution to an annoying problem. I can now see my bill, my old bills, my usage and my package.


Thanks for the swift reply @JohnC2 and I hope this helps someone else.