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BT Mobile usage because of outages

For years I'm using BT broadband (Fibre 1, FTTC) and a 1GB BT Mobile plan (£5/month).
I only use my mobile phone for accasional confirmation text messages,
so I never used my 1GB volume per month.

In March my broadband and the landline stopped working.
I called BT and they promised a repair within 3 days.
Because I had urgent work to do, I decided to use my mobile phone
to establish an internet connection for my computer.
Within a very short while my 1GB had been used up, plus another GB,
so I decided to upgrade to a 5GB package (£9/month).
I only had to do this because of the broadband outage.

A few weeks ago I renewed my Fibre 1 contract and at that apportunity
I downgraded my Mobile plan back to 1GB, which now costs £7/month.

Last night (30/05/2022) between 00.30 and 03:00 my broadband stopped working again.
After waiting for an hour, at 01:30 I had to use my mobile phone again to be able
to access the internet with my computer...

Now I noticed that BT has now a "Keep connected promise":
"We'll turn on unlimited mobile data if you have BT Mobile and report a fault with
your broadband. So you can keep doing what you need without worrying about the cost."

Does this apply to my renewed Fibre 1 contract too?
How exactly could this be claimed?

Thank you!

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Re: BT Mobile usage because of outages

The "Keep Connected Promise" is only with the Halo3/Halo3+ addon see here:

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Re: BT Mobile usage because of outages

Thank you.
So whenever there is a broadband outage (and nowadays they happen often)
and I have to use my Mobile volume to be able to continue my work,
I have to pay for it and there is also no way to get a usage credit or a refund?
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Re: BT Mobile usage because of outages

See section 14 of the Broadband Terms and Conditions regarding compensation if you still have a total loss of broadband two days after you reported a fault.

post1stsep2020voiceandbroadband (


Automatic Compensation | BT Help


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Re: BT Mobile usage because of outages

Thank you.

In the last few days there were many drop outs – only for some minutes each, but just enough to disrupt working, e.g. uploads have to be restarted, waiting, waiting...

How much is normal?

And where can I report outages online?

Thanks again!

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