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BT are trying to charge me £139 after returning equipment.

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We used BT for a WIFI and TV package, and left them for another provider when the contract expired as to renew was vastly overpriced for what we needed.

The transfer over to the other provider went seamlessly, and i went through the process to return our BT equipment (TV Recordable Box and Smart Hub 2). The prepaid bag and label arrived and i post the items in the local post office in early December 22.

I have subsequently had multiple emails from BT requesting the return of the kit, and have now been sent a bill for £139 for it even though it has been returned some months ago. I have rang BT and the opened a complaint about this that subsequently got shut the following day. Several months down the line, i do not have the proof of postage.

Where do i stand with this? the reason we left BT was because we were being ripped off for what we needed and resent paying BT a penny more!

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Re: BT are trying to charge me £139 after returning equipment.

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Hi @Sicrock,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I am sorry that your records aren't showing the return just yet.

I will send you a private message which will allow you to message my team. We will do all we can to help you.


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