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BT refuse to pay owed compensation

Mid-March I got back home to discover I have no Internet at all. My full fibre modem had a red light over the LOS signal. I called BT straight away to be told that's a problem with the fibre outside and they'll send a tech person a few days later.

Tech guy came and couldn't fix it. It was escalated to Openreach. I had no signal no Internet at all for over 2 weeks. 5 tech people came to my property at that time. I spent hours on calls to BT. I tweeted them. Nothing was moving. I work from home so I had to use Hot Spot on my phone and missed out on meeting cos I couldn't join them.


I was told back then I'll get automatically compensated £9 a day for each day of the fault. So around £130 in total.

I was still changed and billed normally even when I didn't have Internet connection at all.


I've never received this compensation so I called BT only to be told that their computers show that I "had complained in March about slow connection". What?! I had no connection! Zero. Zilch. I called them countless times back then and had 5 tech people here. I complained repeatedly and somehow their computers show I just had "slow connection"?!?! They offered me a joke of a resolution "£50 credit". I'm fuming. I was promised £9 for each day i had no Internet and now I'm told that they're rewriting history claiming I had "slow connection" (nope. Nothing!) And offering me less than half of what they owe me according to Ofcom?!


I don't know what to do. I'm so angry. When I called in March every BT Guide knew I had no Internet. How is it possible they wrote it down wrong?! Or are they just trying to get away from their duty of care and their responsibility to their customers?! Can I sue?!

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Re: BT refuse to pay owed compensation

FWIW , if the fault was two weeks , ( 14 days ) the first 2 days are not due compensation, so it’s 12 , if the daily rate is £9 , that’s £108 , not £130

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Re: BT refuse to pay owed compensation

The fault was actually 22 March til 7 April and the compensation is actually over £9 a day so it's closer to £130.. and still that's neither here nor there since it's still over double the "resolution" they offered me which is a joke considering the amount of times I called and how back then they all knew I had no Internet they just conveniently lost that information now.

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Re: BT refuse to pay owed compensation

Hi @lalyil,

I'd like to look into this for you and help you. I'm a Moderator and also a Guide for BT.

I'm going to send you a private message so you can reply back to my team.

We will check everything on your account and do our best to help you.

Thank you


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