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BT service

I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had such appalling service from BT. We have been waiting for wifi for over 4 months and they still can't get the right electrician out for the job.. we are now waiting attempt 6.  

If so what compensation did you receive I was just told by a lady on one of the chats that its £8 a day compensation for every day they don't fix a problem. Which in our case now means we are in credit by £800+ .. whats everyone else experiences like? 

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Re: BT service

If it is only your wifi that is not working correctly and not your actual broadband connection ie your broadband still works via an Ethernet connection, you may not be able to claim any compensation.

The automatic compensation is for a total loss of service, ie your broadband connection does not work at all, not just your wifi not working.

See link.

Automatic Compensation | BT Help

If you are waiting to be your broadband to be connected and have been given a connection date and that date has not been met you would be entitled to compensation as per the above link.

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Re: BT service

What exactly is the problem with your wi-fi?

What have you done to resolve it yourself?

You can ask technical questions in this forum and you may be able to better help yourself in future.

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