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Billing increase

Hi. Has anyone on here managed to negate the massive increase from BT implemented in April?

My BB contract and mobile contract have increased by £6 per month which is over 9%.

I queried this and was advised to contact BT and re-contract which would fix it for another year. When I rang I was told that I could enter into another 18 month contract but at a higher monthly charge which was almost the annual increase?

Annoyingly the fibre 100 package I am on is still being offered to new customers for less than I was paying before the April increase?

Heads I win, tails you loose??





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Re: Billing increase

I'm only on Fibre 1 but managed to negate the April increase and recontracted for a 24 month period. I did it on line without going through the telephne negotiation process.

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Re: Billing increase

The increase in April was shown in the T&C when you agreed the contract and was CPI+ 3.9% so cannot opt out. You can always try and negotiate a new  contract depending how long is left on existing contract

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Re: Billing increase

14 months ago I managed to get FTTC 2 for the price of FTTC 1 as the price was at that time. As I told them I had been looking elsewhere and was thinking of switching.

Will see what they offer when my contract is up for renewal in just over 9 months time and if they dont offer me a similar deal then will move elsewhere but over the last 2 years I been 98% happy with BT for FTTC and we have been a BT customer for over 20 years for internet and longer for phone. In last 2 years now very rarely use landline now to make calls.

Just under 2 months ago cancelled BT TV with Now and went direct with Now for the same package Entertainment, Sky Cinema and HD Boost with discounts for 3 months. Making a saving of just over £7 a month on TV for 3 months and will try and get a discount again in June for Now.