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Broadband package costs help please.


Just wondered if anyone can help offer advise on my current broadband package and if
I'm over paying. As I am not sure if there are better packages on offer. I'm finding it hard
to work out what price I should be comparing against, and if the packages are inclusive
of line rental or not.

My current package and costs are as outline below:

BT Broadband & Calls (Fibre with BT Halo 1): £49.97pm

BT Line Rental (Saver): £219.84pa  :. = £18.32pm

Which means, total inclusive cost for Broadband & calls with line rental would equate to: £68.29 pm.

So, if I view what personal broadband deals I can get with BT, I have an option of 'Fibre Halo 3' for £36.00

Ok, that looks 'a lot' cheaper than what I am currently paying, but does this figure include line rental?
Or is this price just the broadband? and  I would have to then add on the line rental? Which would equate to £54.32pm

I also have read that comparison sites are now stating the cost per month to include line rental.
If this is the case, then it looks like I am paying almost twice as much as else where.

Any help would be appreciate, as I am getting a bit confused with how prices are shown and if line rental is included.

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Re: Broadband package costs help please.

If you are looking at your offers on MyBT then it should clearly show how much more or less each option will cost you. The quotes should be inclusive of line rental.

I don't have line rental saver but do have an offer to upgrade to Fibre Halo 3 from Fibre 1 for an extra £1 at £36.39.

You can ring customer options on 0800 800 030 to see what deals they can see and offer, they will confirm that the prices are inclusive of line rental so you should be able to recontract at the £36 for 24 months. Your net payment should be  £17.68.

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Re: Broadband package costs help please.

BT packages include land line rental but not calls which are add-ons    you can get a broadband package without ability to make or receive calls but still in luxe line rental which may save you a few pounds.

When is your contract due for renewal?  If shortly then phone options team and see what you can negotiate. 0800800030


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