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Broadband with no phone pros and cons.

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My BT contract for FTTC 2 for the price of FTTC 1 with the old Halo 1 is up for renewal in about the next 6 months.

im now starting to think about looking at my options.

The now I have pay and go for landline calls. As in the last 2 years or so now very rarely make or receive alls via the landline. I also back in March cancelled BT TV with Now and now got TV direct from now with discounts.

Want to know if I renew my BT FTTC what will be the benefits of taking FTTC broadband with out phoneline. Also are there any cons to this as well.

I been reading that BT seem to be trying to get people to move to there dearer Halo 3+ package.

Don't think I would want Halo 3+. As would not use it and also partly due to the cost per month.

I know I will have Halo 3 as that replaces Halo 1 that I currently have.

Have also started looking at other FTTC broadband companies just incase BT don't offer me a good deal early next year.

Any advice would be helpful.

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Re: Broadband with no phone pros and cons.

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If you forego a landline you should save whatever you're currently paying for it. If it's included in your package & not billed separately there will be no saving.

Disadvantages are you'll have to make sure that anyone likely to call it is aware that it's being terminated. Also should you get issues with the connection you'll have lost a diagnostic tool, in that you will no longer be able to conduct a quiet line test for a noisy line.

I'm in a similar position & can save around £6 pm for Fibre 2 by switching to another BT company beginning with P through a cashback site. Larger savings are available but with ISPs I'd have nothing to do with.

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Re: Broadband with no phone pros and cons.

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@rbz5416 Thanks for the info and advice.

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