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Builders removed Master Socket from the house.


The builders removed the master socket during demolition. I called BT and after 30 minutes waiting I was told that since I have broadband only (no landline) in order to have the Master Socket reinstalled I have to cancel my contract and make a new one and that I would have to pay a penalty fee for cancelling the actual contract. Isn't there a way to just pay for the service of installing a new master socket under the existing contract?

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Re: Builders removed Master Socket from the house.

If openreach wiring still there then just try local paper for telecom engineer 

If on FTTP then I would not bother

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Re: Builders removed Master Socket from the house.

If you need the master socket because your broadband is FTTC that requires you to plug the router into the socket , (possibly via a filter , possibility an interstitial master socket )  , and the lack of socket in effect means you have no broadband, simply report your broadband faulty , you may need to be creative when reporting the ‘fault’ , when the engineer is sent out , explain the issue, and they replace the missing socket , assuming that the wiring is still in place it should be an easy enough ‘repair’ .

Its likely to be a chargeable visit , but you seem prepared to accept that some cost is unavoidable.

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