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Cancel BT Contract - my Mum's moved into a Care Home


I'm posting this on behalf of my 94 year old Mum for whom I have Power of Attorney.

Sadly she has recently had to move into a Nursing Home permanently due to severe illness. To help pay for this my brother & I are trying to save on costs which includes her £80/month BT broadband package which we'd like to cancel, or at least drastically downgrade, since the house is now unoccupied.

Yesterday I rang the loyalty team & explained the situation hoping there'd be an exception to the hefty early termination costs of around £300 but was told this was not possible unless the customer is dead. Disingenuously they did offer me the chance to switch the account to my name for a 24 month basic package at £30/month but only when I probed further details did I realise this meant it couldn't be cancelled when my Mum dies since it was in my name.

I've not had this problem with other utility suppliers & my Mum's been a very loyal BT customer since we first had a landline at home in the 1960s. Surely it's possible under these circumstances  for a cancellation without an early termination penalty?

Can you advice on how this could be done on compassionate grounds?

Thank-you for any help you can offer.

Kind Regards, Andrew

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Re: Cancel BT Contract - my Mum's moved into a Care Home

I have asked the forum mods who are BT employees to help  they will post here

you should be able to cancel free under circumstances

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Re: Cancel BT Contract - my Mum's moved into a Care Home

Hi @Wynn1929 and welcome to our community.

I'm sorry to hear your mum is unwell and you're having problems cancelling her account. I can help. I'll need some details so check your inbox for my message and drop me a reply.