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Complete WiFi - quick query

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After getting FTTP I'm finding that the wifi upstairs is considerably slower than elsewhere. I know that's (probably) not the fault of FTTP, it's just it's more noticeable now.

BT have offered complete wifi for £1 more per month than my current contract but what I was wondering is, if complete wifi doesn't improve the situation, can I cancel the contract (i.e., revert to my original contract dates and price) and return the disc?

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Re: Complete WiFi - quick query

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Hi, @Arthur_Brayne welcome back to the community and thanks for posting your question. When upstairs your devices are probably switching to the 2.4ghz wifi signal from the 5ghz one which provides faster speeds but doesn't have as good a range.  

Upgrading to complete wifi should help improve the wifi coverage in your home and you can get up to 3 discs if the initial one supplied is not sufficient. 

The upgrade order will come with a 14 day cooling off period which means you can cancel and revert to your previous package if you contact us back within the first 2 weeks after the order completes.