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Contract renewal

Hi, I'm out of contract for some time now and with the new price increase I'm looking at a whooping £70 bill for Halo 1 and TV with BT Sport so looking to renew at a better price. Looking at new customer offers I could get pretty much the same for ~£48/month, can I just cancel my current contract and take a new one to get that price if I'm not being offered a deal around that price? 

Additionally, I've seen BT offers an aerial installation for a one off £30 fee (old one was blown off during a storm), can I get that if I renew instead of getting it as part of a new contract? I assume I must provide the aerial for the engineer to install. 

And finally, do I need to call BT for the renewal or can I do it online (email/chat)? 


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Re: Contract renewal

try phoning the options team on 0800800030 and see what you can negotiate  have the new deal package information and also other ISP deals when you phone.  if you don't like offer then don't accept just try again later

you cannot cancel your existing contract and then be treated as new customer right away

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