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Creating a BT ID

I have a neighbour who has no Internet (but does have an email address), and has a BT landline, and we have tried to set up a BT ID, but in her own name it asks for her mothers maiden name, but when entered it responds with ‘Technical error please try later’ (which we have done now for ~1 week, but we always see the same message), so we tried to set her up as an ‘Account Manager’, which went all the way though but has since last week just showed ‘Pending request’.  But clearly we have no idea what/ who we are waiting for!


Does any one have any suggestions?




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Re: Creating a BT ID

If the neighbour does not have Internet access there really is little point in having a BTID as the whole idea of it is so that the BT account can be managed online via "MyBT" and have the bills etc available online rather than having them sent by post. 

If she feels that she still wants a BTID she should contact BT customer services on 0800.80.150 and they should be able to set a BTID up for her. She needs to be set up as the account holder not an account manager in order to be able to fully manage the account if she ever gets online.

The account manager is so that another person can have some limited access to the account, such as a family member or a trusted friend who can assist if the account holder is less able.

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