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Delayed Activation and No Service: 'Are you ready?'

Extraordinary experience with BT so far. 
On February 27th, I placed an order for broadband (without phone line, and customer install) for my new residence. The agent who chatted with me, told me the service would be activated on the 7th of March. Shortly, this was delayed to the 14th of March. On the 14th of March, this was delayed to the 17th of March. On the 17th of March, this was delayed to the 21st of March. On each of these occasions, I was asked by email a day before the activation date: "are you ready?"
 Finally, on the 21st (after the 'are you ready' email on the 20th), I received a message that my service is 'up and running.' It's neither up nor running. I still see the same flashing purple light on my Smart Hub 2. Clearly, the engineer who made the connections did not check if everything was in order? I find it hard to fathom why. 
 Furthermore, as the order was being delayed, I had made a call to BT and was told that the people at OpenReach were aware of a fault in the line, and would be sending the appropriate engineers to fix it and activate the connection. I find it hard to fathom why that was not done.
 In the meanwhile, I also placed a complaint for a delayed order. I got a delayed response to that. The agent who called me, on the 21st, told me the service should be activated by midnight. It was not. 
  I have made multiple calls to BT since this morning. I have now been told that an engineer will visit on Thursday (and that I should be available at home) to fix the fault. I don't think that's going to happen either.
 I still have no clarity on what really is the issue. I speak with a different agent every time and try to tell them this whole story. Maybe next time I can share this link. 
I don't know if this is going to take 2 months, 3 months, 4 months... I have braced myself for half a year. Is that a realistic assessment? 
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Re: Delayed Activation and No Service: 'Are you ready?'

Hi @sarimbaig, welcome to the forum, and sorry that your broadband hasn't been connected yet.

I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with the Mod team and we'll be happy to check on things and keep you updated until you're connected.



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