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Equipment Return

I have been asked to return equipment as I have left BT, have been with them since 2009.  I believe from reading other posts that I dont have to do this as its pre 2019.  To be honest the returns system seems to be causing a few issues for people and I just dont want any stress or hassle.  Our local recycling centre will accept.  Do I need to let BT know I wont be sending back the equipment so that I dont get billed etc?

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Re: Equipment Return

If you have a look at the attached link it states if you will need to return the equipment and how to do it.

How to return and recycle your BT equipment for free | BT Help

If you decide that you do not need to return the equipment it may be safer to advise BT of that by calling 0800.800.150. Have your old account number handy as BT may need it.


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Re: Equipment Return

being with BT Retail since 2009 makes no difference the criteria is if you have received any new equipment hub etc since 13 December 2019.  any equipment you have prior to that date is yours but any received since that date is only leased and needs to be returned

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