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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Little update, if anyone is interested lol.

BT are working to set me up a temporary line, lol (what does that tell you?), to give me the connection I should still have after being totally cut off.

Back to square one I guess, but I'd rather have that, than be without for many more months, of Openreach dragging their heels.

2 months already, with no end in sight, and according to my little Exec person, they are not looking at it again till 8th June (earliest), lol, which is what they told her (bearing in mind, they were supposed to finish on Thursday).  She is livid and disgusted at Openreach's behaviour, but can only do so much.

They only need to get cable from stair to my house (through a wall), rest is done, but they refuse to move on it. I could do it myself, lol, but hey...

FTTC hopefully back up soon, and what a waste these past two months have been.  Money all going to my account though ;), and if they wanna waste it, so be it.  The temp line will be totally free until work is completed.  I ain't gonna argue with that 🙂

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Another update, lol.

Give BT their due, they have created a dummy account for me, and original line will be up by Wednesday 23.59pm.  FTTC will then be re-activated by Friday, putting me basically back to square one 2 months ago.  I'm happy with that, as I can sit back and let Openreach rack up my compensation, for as long as they continue to not give a damn, all on this line costing me nothing 😉  A pain, yup, but no longer my problem, and I'm at ease now.

Over to you Openreach, whenever your ready?, I'm here, 'right here waiting for you', but sleeping a lot better now, thanks 🙂

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

lucky, enjoy! I should be getting FTTP installed in my area soon!


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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Well, I hope its goes a lot better for you, than phrozen9999 and I 🙂  I really wouldn't wish this 'torture' on anyone, seriously.

My advice. 

Plan ahead if upgrading, allow at least a 'year' (although not guaranteed) after order. 

Get them to send you an 'EE Unlimited Sim' shortly after said order, as you will need this for when they cut you off completely (as work will never be completed by the date given), unless your happy with waiting rest of year with nothing? 

Don't bother with the EE Hub, it's locked down (of course ;)), use your own MiFi device, if you have one, then you can connect it to whatever you wish 🙂  Not ideal, but it does the job if using only one device on it at a time.

Write everything down, dates, times of missed appointments etc, record phone call conversations of promises that never happen (and there will be many), keep it all up to date.  Take screenshots of emails etc, keep everything.  Log into your BT account and record all activity etc, again, screenshots, dates, times.

Get the name of every person you speak with on phone, and location of support (again, there will be many).

Once the date has passed for install and is missed, get an update on Compensation figure as it stands, record it, and ask for this update weekly.

Once you get to 'Executive Level', some of this hassle is unnecessary, but before, certainly. 

Good luck! 🙂

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

I agree and wish you luck!  As stated by scaramonga  make sure to do all those steps and eventually you may get sorted but I wouldn’t bank on it.  Once you accept all this and all the hassle then it becomes a little easier.  Don’t give up and don’t let it stress you.  Good luck!

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Minor update, lol.

Line is activated (no broadband as yet), but 2 emails today (as BT are on the ball), with my first bill on dummy account, lol 😁, yup, a day after activation lol, each saying the exact same thing, guess they want to get it through to me? lol

What's the bet, when I don't pay it (which includes a shocking £70.00 re-activation fee), because, as far as this accounts concerned, they have no payment details (as BT are taking care of it all), but that, some jobsworth will cut me off from this line also?, lol.  It's practically guaranteed!, as there is no 'communication' between departments whatsoever.

I do wish Openreach were so on the ball though, like BT, with their bills, then we really wouldn't be in this situation to begin with, would we? 🙂

Enjoy the holiday weekend all! 🍻

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Original line back today, with FTTC all working fine 🙂  So back to where I was 2 months ago, except BT are now paying for it, along with my compensation per day 😉

Got them to wipe that bill also.

Glad to get off the EE sim, although it done rather well I must admit, and topped out @ 545Gb in usage for that period. 

Good to get all my devices back up and working, home automation, security cameras, Pi's, 3D Printers, TV etc.

Irritating as it is, but I can now just sit back and wait for Openreach to make their move, as the ball is now in their court.

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Well, it just gets better, lol....

I had a phone call from an Engineer tonight, and you just cant make this nonsense up 🙂
16.30 he calls, saying he is on his way, to complete any 'internal' wiring (if necessary) to ONT, and check that I'm getting the correct speeds on FTTP?  
Well I just about fell on the floor laughing! 
I said, listen mate, your most welcome, but you will have a tough job, as the people before you, have failed to put a line in my house, and its out in the stair if you wish to test there (saves wasting an appointment) 🙂  An appointment I never had, nor was informed of, until he called?  He got the message and said he would report back to base, lol.
And this just reiterates the lack of 'communication' between parties, and goes to show, that no one knows what the hell is going on?
BT think work is done, so engineer out to finish off job.  Openreach don't have a clue, one way or another, so they probably signed off on job?, but Openreach still planning work to finish job, which is the hold up.  Honestly? lol.
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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Sounds like a familiar nightmare. Almost 9 months of waiting for Openreach here, with a different explanation each time. 😁

Got an email yesterday that they're coming today to, uh... upgrade my master phone socket. For FTTP. Hmm...

Given that and the fact that they've cancelled, missed or moved appointments with me 14 times I'm not holding out too much hope. Still, I had an order committed date confirmed by multiple parties of Dec 20th last year, so it's BT's money they're wasting, compensation currently at around £950-1000 (depending on what they consider a missed appointment).

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Re: FTTP finally installed after 5 months!

Waited 5 and a half months here. Multiple appointments rescheduled. Each time I had a phone jockey call me to keep me 'updated' (usually a couple of days after receiving the rescheduling email). So this week, two days before another 'confirmed' engineer appointment the inevitable happens (another reschedule).

I threw the towel in yesterday and phoned to cancel the full order and to register a complaint. I've since had a text message apologising for 'them' having to cancel my order 🤣 Next comes an email with an update for an order for equipment I've ordered being close to dispatch (no such order was ever made by me) 🙄 Just a few minutes ago another email thanking me for my order and would I please complete a customer satisfaction (or should that be dissatisfaction) survey, even though the My BT app shows my original order as having been cancelled as of yesterday.

Thankfully a third party had the contract for the works around here and they are offering attractive packages with installation in, wait for it, two days. Quite a few of my neighbours already with them and all installed within 2-3 days of ordering. Unfortunately I'm stuck with BT Sport on the BT Pro box for a while longer so can't sign up with the new crowd just yet 😞 

Will just have to make do with what I have for now 😞

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