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False Default on Credit File

BT by mistake, 2 years ago transferred a £17 debt (when my account was closed) without informing me to a debt collection agency (who never contacted me) which caused my re-mortgage application to fail (costing me an additional £550 monthly mortgage payment).  


I’ve contacted the various credit record companies and have raised a dispute but told BT must remove the default notice. I have contacted BT, was advised to just pay £17 which will automatically fix things (apparently) but has not been the case. BT has provided me with an email stating their mistake and that there is no balance but the credit agencies will not accept this.  I have been informed BT MUST contacted the credit agencies to remove the default notices. 


Before I start legal proceedings and contacting the Ombudsman, can anyone help as this is urgent?

Thank you

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Re: False Default on Credit File


This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators.

The first thing you need to do is raise a dispute with either Equifax, Experian etc, depending on who the debt is with. You can do that at 

  • Online at
  • Call 0800 014 2955
  • Address – Equifax Ltd
    • Customer Service Centre
    • PO Box 10036
    • Leicester
    • LE3 4FS


  • Online at
  • Call 0344 481 8000
  • Address - Experian Headquarters Talbot House
    • Talbot Street
    • Nottingham
    • N80 1TH


  • Online at
  • Call 0330 024 7574
  • Address - Consumer Services Team
    • TransUnion
    • PO Box 647
    • Unit 4
    • Hull
    • HU9 9QZ

They'll then liaise with BT for you.


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Re: False Default on Credit File

Thanks for the clarification and information Keith. Much appreciated. 

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