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Final Bill Woes

So my account is closed with services stopped on 16 Feb, following the obligatory notice period.

On the 14 Feb I received a bill for the period 14 Feb to 13 Mar in spite of my services stopping on the 16 Feb (2 days later).

Customer services (billing) were not helpful.

It seems I have to pay the full bill from 14 Feb to 13 Mar and will then receive a final bill for the 14-16 Feb at some point in the future and a refund for the period 16 Feb to 13 March.

If I was to cancel the direct debit payment now, and the direct debit payment was not made, there would be a fail-to-collect direct debit payment charge of £10.00 and/or a charge for late payment of £7.50

The advice from customer services is to pay for the full month and wait for up to 30 days to receive a final bill and refund.

I did suggest they could cancel the bill for 14Feb - 13Mar and instead just generate the final bill for the correct amount due - but apparently "the computer says no".

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Re: Final Bill Woes

It’s the way it is , no point complaining about it , if you made a call that cost £10 , the bill for that call may be a month or more after the call was made ,that works to your advantage , calls paid for in arrears, like it or not rental is paid in advance, the chances are the bill you have to pay that will include some days after you stop being a customer was in production long before your notice to quit was served.

If for  example you pay for a month and in the worst case get 29 days refunded, that £20-£30 in your bank account , instead of BT’s account for a week or three , is going to cost what in lost interest ? , a few pence .

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Re: Final Bill Woes

No calls in the 2 days, broadband costs approx £5.80 , refund due will be due approx £75 (less the outstanding 56p call charges of course).
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