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Final Bill

I have been with BT since i was 18, now nearly 42 and have had no problem with the broadband connection but the monthly payment is now very high and cancellations who I rang couldn't offer me a better deal so I cancelled on the 26.09.23 and the advisor said I will pay 1 month with broadband and landline being disconnected at midnight on the 26 October which did happen. Now been charged for Nov, Dec and Jan even though got disconnected on 26 October 2023. The guy in cancellations said if the bill got sent out on the 20th I should only be billed for 6 days when the broadband and landline got cut off on the 26th and I should get a refund for the bill that was generated on the 20th but still haven't received final bill and it has been more than 7 days. Then rang up again and said I hope I am not going to receive another bill on the 20th Novemenber for a service I am not receiving yet because you haven't sent the final bill out and she said no but my email might be keeping the account open but I didn't ask to keep my email for 7.99 and I don't think you charge for basic service and she said no and said she cancelled the email but it doesn't appear to be cancelled to me. I have received a letter and email confirming everything else cancelled and disconnected on the 26 October. I would like my final bill urgently considering I already paid £71 pounds for Nov, Dec and Jan already and I don't even have broadband or a landline anymore.  Would someone be able to email me or post me my final bill urgently has I can't afford to pay another bill for a broadband and landline I don't have and I have already signed up with ee who I know is part of bt but has a new customer I could get it cheaply on a monthly basis and they are installing soon so I hope that doesn’t mess anything up either. Please could someone help with sending a final bill and making sure another quarterly bill is not generated on the 20th November. Worried sick about bills and money. Kind regards Michelle

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Re: Final Bill

It sounds like you're billed quarterly and the billing cycle ran during the cancellation period, as you had a BT email address this keeps the account active, it doesn't generate a charge but you need an account active for the free Basic email.

If you had no services remaining, the final bill is sent around 7 days after the cease.
When you have at least 1 active service, this means no final bill is produced as you still have active services.

Your next billing cycle will be January, that is when a pro-rata refund will be generated, until all services are stopped no revised final bill will be produced.
You could speak with the billing team, ask if they can add an extension to your billing until January 2024, this will stop any payment reminders or collections calls being made, it might though still be logged as a late payment on your credit file but I'm not 100% sure of that.

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Re: Final Bill

  • Thanks for your reply. 

I did ask for email to be cancelled as well because I don't want to be charged and I want my final bill. Is there anyway a moderator in the community could check it is canceled for me and make sure I  receive my final bill?  I cancelled my email on the phone when she told me it had been kept open even though i didn't want it to be open in the first place but I would like confirmation it is cancelled and i am not going to be billed for a broadband and landline service i don't receive and can't afford to pay in January.

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Re: Final Bill

Hi @Michellebroadband, thanks for the update. If you still have access to your MyBT for the account check and see if there is already an order to cancel the email service. It does take a week to 10 days for those orders to complete. 



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Re: Final Bill

Your final bill will follow a week to 10 days after any orders on your account have been closed. Because you pay in advance, it's possible that a payment may be collected by direct debit and this will be deducted from your final bill. If your final bill shows a credit balance, this will be refunded.