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Full Fibre Doesn't Show as Available on "TV & Broadband Deals" - But It Is, We Have It

I did mention this when renewing my contract the other with with a lovely lady at BT (Chloé) - probably been spotted well before now (I did just have a quick look on this forum)

Basically I've have had Full Fibre 100 for the last 18 months and have just renewed moving upto Full Fibre 500 due to the special deal. If you search on under "Broadband deals" against my postcode all the Full Fibre deals are shown - however - if you search my postcode under "TV & Broadband Deals" instead - none of the Full Fibre packages show at all.

Just thought I'd mention as I would 'think' many potential new / switching customers may search under TV & Broadband and may walk away if they think the max speed available is 50 odd Mb where as actually 900 odd Mb is available.... well unless I'm reading it wrong as the product returned when searching in "TV & Broadband Deals" shows as "Fibre 1" .... closest I can find to that in the "Broadband deals" section using same postcode is a "Full Fibre 1".... mind you it doesn't even quote any speeds on the TV & Broadband search!

Maybe nothing or I've misunderstood but just thought I'd mention..... I don't mind putting my postcode as there's loads of listed houses against it but I won't just in case it's not allowed etc

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Re: Full Fibre Doesn't Show as Available on "TV & Broadband Deals" - But It Is,

.... just to add, was curious so I just tried my old address (nowhere near my current one ... address I was referring to in opening post is in Essex and my old address was SE London / NW Kent borders) and exactly the same ..... Full Fibre 900 shows as available for postcode search in "Broadband deals" but in "TV & Broadband Deals" (or equivalent if using browser on my phone) again it's all "Fibre 1" ...... odd.... 

Not caused me any problem just thought I'd mention !

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Re: Full Fibre Doesn't Show as Available on "TV & Broadband Deals" - But It Is,

Yes that is true. It appears that typing an address in the BT Broadband checker on the "Broadband deals" section yields a different result to the "TV & Broadband Deals" section. So if someone used the latter page to check what they can get, they might think they cannot get FTTP.

As things stand, someone would have to do the Broadband check, select a package and hit next to proceed to the "add ons" and see the TV deals available.

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