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Full Fibre & Moving House

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After being on Basic Broadband (16mbps) for many years, it appears I am able to finally get Full Fibre at my home with speeds up to 900mbps, which I am quite excited about!

My main issue?  I may be moving out in the near future.  Most likely next Spring, although it is not completely certain as of yet.

So my question is: If I was to take out a new contract for the Full Fibre 900 package, would I be allowed to downgrade mid-contract if my future home was incapable of reaching 900mbps speeds?  Or would I have to continue paying for the 900mbps package at my new home regardless until the 24-month contract ends?  Just wanted to know in advance before I go ahead with placing any orders.

Many thanks!

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Re: Full Fibre & Moving House

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If you transfer your contract to the new property, you will need to agree an updated contract on whatever products are available there and see out your remaining term. The alternative is to cancel the contract and pay cancellation fees. 

If full fibre is available in the area but not installed at the property, you'll agree a contract on whatever is available and then you can put an upgrade order in for a full fibre installation.

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Re: Full Fibre & Moving House

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That's awesome! It's a great feeling when Full Fibre (FTTP) arrives!

Are you in an existing contract, or out of contract and on rolling 30 day?

An upgrade would be the start of a new contract, so it might be best to wait to confirm where you are moving and check the available broadband speeds at the new address on the same BT website checker in order to pick the product.
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Re: Full Fibre & Moving House

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Thank you both for the responses!

@NigelB72- Thank you, this was very informative.  Pretty much what I was hoping to hear!

@JamesBand5- Thanks!  I'm excited to finally get the chance to upgrade, as I've never gotten to experience speeds of more than 16mbps before.  I'm still living in the days of having to download larger games overnight, haha.

To answer your question though, I'm currently just on a rolling 30 day contract.  It's been a long while since I've renewed it.  I appreciate the advice!

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Re: Full Fibre & Moving House

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@Xarain You are most welcome! 

That's great as you have maximum flexibility then. 

And yes for sure, the speeds are awesome and you get the reliability of Full Fibre too! I was so excited to go from 1Mbps to 900Mbps. It'll definitely be a game changer and for sure help with downloading large file games.